November 7-10 IF!Digital Première: digital workshops and meetings

November 11-12 IF!Festival of Creativity: talks, events and interviews at BASE Milano

Doors Opening:

November, Friday 11th: 9:30 a.m.

November, Saturday 12th: 10:00 a.m.

To enter, present yourself at entrance 1 with ticket and identity document.

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10:00-11:15 IF!Digital Première

If you win…thank me later

powered by YouTube

with Giacomo Zanni, Creative Lead Google
How to win YouTube Works.

The workshop aims to explore the fundamentals of creating effective videos on YouTube, from video optimisation to platform orchestration.

The second part is devoted to discovering the various categories of YouTube Works, the award for the best campaigns on YouTube. 
12:00-13:15 IF!Digital Première

The brand in the age of hatred

with Gaetano Grizzanti, Brand Identity Advisor and Jack Blanga, Creative Consultant - ADCI Board Member and IF! Organising Committee

In these times there is the counter-narrative paradox of communication: the Like of social networks is transformed into Hate, allowing each individual to manifest his own dark side. The brand today - as personifying entity of a company - exists and acts in an unstable and digitalized scenario, affecting the nature of the human being.

What is the role of brands in the relationship with communities? Does the brand have the power to instill optimism? Can the brand make people better? What is the responsibility of brands to make the world more sustainable? Prof. Grizzanti proposes stimuli on pressing issues to start a shared discussion on contemporary branding.
14:00-15:15 IF!Digital Première

Can you do good even in a shooter video game?

Powered by WE ARE SOCIAL

With Paola Tonetti, Account Director We Are Social, Mattia Lacchini, Creative Director We Are Social, Giorgio POW3R Calandrelli, Content Creator & Pro Player
Virtual worlds to do good in the real world: how creators and brands can raise awareness on important issues, spreading values and giving voice to emotions, even within a virtual gaming environment.
10:00-11:15 IF!Digital Première


powered by BB&C

with Marzio Saffi, CEO and partner BB&C Group, Cristina Colombo, Client Service Director & Partner BB&C Group and Gadi Schonheit, Vice President Doxapharma, BVA-Doxa Group.
Communicating well can make us live better and longer. Therefore, today, BB&C has developed a new and different approach to pharma communication, to inspire and benefit the medical-scientific world, companies, and especially the patients and their caregivers. 

Marzio Saffi, Cristina Colombo, and Gadi Schonheit will address - through a kind talk - the importance of awareness campaigns, collaboration between organizations, and research, up to the dedication to rare diseases.  Because being kind means being able to attend to the needs of the many as well as the few.
12:00-13:15 IF!Digital Première

​​Nudging, or the gentle push in the institutions

powered by Milano Digital Week

with Nicola Zanardi, CEO Hublab, Marco Giovannelli, Varese News Editor and Maria Croci, Councillor for Kindness, Comune di Malnate
The concept of Nudge - the 'gentle push', theorized by C. Sunstein and R. Thaler, the first of which guest of Milano Digital Week 2021 - can be a vehicle for institutional renewal and a tool for the transmission of knowledge, which remains the deep sense of Sustainability.
14:00-15:15 IF!Digital Première

Making Representation Authentic in Multi-Platform Storytelling

powered by Shutterstock

with Meeckel Beecher, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Head of Diversity at Shutterstock, Beth Haller, co-director of the Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment, Latha Sarathy, Chief Research Officer, ANA ,EVP, Analytics, Insights & Measurement, SeeHeEVP, Analytics, Insights & Measurement, SeeHer, and Leanne Clark-Shirley, Vice President, Programs and Thought Leadership.
Photos, videos, and other visual storytelling media reflect how people see their world and the world of others. When done well, visual storytelling can build empathy, forge bonds, and ignite curiosity about the lives of others. Creators and decision-makers from a diverse set of backgrounds are best positioned to highlight the cultural impact of their experiences and drive empathy through new and traditional avenues for content to reach audiences.

In this panel session, Meeckel Beecher, Shutterstock’s Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, will explore how content creators can incorporate the principles of inclusive thinking to depict subjects and communities in ways that foster representation and promote kindness. He’ll be joined by the Global Alliance on Disability in Media and Entertainment, SeeHer and the American Society on Aging.
18:00-18:45 IF!Digital Première


IF!DIGITAL BOOK CORNER - Powered by The Trade Desk

with Roberto Bernocchi, strategist, university lecturer at NABA, IED and IULM, and Lorenzo Picchiotti, Chief Creative Officer & partner in DUDE
We live in an age of revolution, where changes both in our lives and in communication are measured week after week. Despite everything, on closer inspection, the "rules" of the past in advertising resonate unexpectedly in the present, and offer us a clear interpretation of the future.

We will discover the "vision of the world" of those who in the twentieth century (particularly in the United States) paved the way for demo advertising, creative freedom, target study, intelligent use of media and consumer research. And we will discover how much those same stories teach us even today. A conversation between industry professionals, covering case histories, brands and lables, some familiar some less so, described in "History of Advertising", published by UTET. A book that needed to be written, with a fascinating preface by Bruno Bertelli and Till Neuburg.
10:00-11:15 IF!Digital Première


powered by Google

with Giorgio Ferretti, Creative Business Partner Google
SHIFT is a framework that helps brands bridge the gap between CSR and communication that stimulates action on the part of the public. Under increasing pressure from consumers, brands must not only seriously embrace sustainability issues but also stimulate and influence sustainable behaviour. Advertising can become a tool to drive sustainable action both individually and collectively. It has been proved that a robust use of SHIFT creative levers can have an impact on action. And the video format and YouTube platform features are powerful stimuli.
12:00-13:15 IF!Digital Première


powered by WPP

With Elisa Anzini, Creative Director VMLY&R Italy, Francesco Bozza, VP Chief Creative Officer Grey Italy, Lorenzo Crespi, Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson Italy, Lavinia Francia, Executive Creative Director Ogilvy Italia, Federico Russo, Executive Creative Director VMLY&R Italy, Roberto D’Incau, Founder & CEO Lang&Partners Younique Human Solutions.
In a fast-paced world that is constantly changing and where ideas run at the speed of light, we want to stop and tell young aspiring professionals from the world of communication, and those who are fascinated by this industry as we are, some curious anecdotes about our first campaigns and some creative projects.

The workshop, through a round table that wants to form but above all entertain, will be an opportunity to provide useful advice and "kind" ideas with which to face the continuous challenges that the market of communication and advertising poses to us every day.

Because even those who today play roles of a certain depth have often had to deal with projects that had no “wow effect”.
14:00-15:15 IF!Digital Première


powered by Miami AD School

with Jose Guillermo Diaz, Co-founder/Director of M.AD School of Ideas Punta Cana, Frank Garcia, VP Creative Director of Golin, and Giulia Magaldi, VP Creative Director of Golin.
Teaching’s all about placing the spotlight on the students. They are the stars of the show. Our goal is preparing them so they can shine, which fuels an emotional bond between the student and their mentors. “Caring” is at the core of every great success story that’s ever written at Miami Ad School. 
18:00-18:45 IF!Digital Première

POP, the gentle revolution of brands

IF!DIGITAL BOOK CORNER - Powered by The Trade Desk

with Samanta Giuliani, Executive Strategy Director Dentsu Creative, Stefano Pagani, SVP Dentsu Creative and Antonio Incorvaia, digital strategist and author
We have entered the age of POP brands, where what really matters for a brand is what people are saying. The ability to embrace the world outside the ivory tower of the brand without making judgments, as well as the art of rediscovering the founding elements at the heart of its brand DNA, are the touchstones of this journey towards a new way of understanding strategy and communication. And what if kindness and the ability to listen really were the engine capable of taking brands in a new direction?
10:00-11:15 IF!Digital Première

The importance of feeling represented

powered by Netflix

With Luca Scremin, Social Marketing Manager, Netflix and Giuseppe Schiavone, Editorial Director, We Are Social
How vital is it to be represented? TV series and movies have shown the importance, for more and more people, of being able to see themselves in a character. This is how Parliamone was born, the Netflix roundtable in which voices and different points of view confront each other on the centrality of the representation.
12:00-13:15 IF!Digital Première


Powered by Mindscapes

How to create innovative ideas which empower people in ways which empower brands

con Ravid Kuperberg, Partner & Trainer, Mindscapes
Brands and agencies today use their creative assets to develop powerful ideas which aspire to make a difference while empowering people. This talk will discuss thinking tools geared to achieve just that: transforming a meaningful brand idea into a meaningful way for people to act + feel significant.
16:00-17:15 IF!Digital Première

Music first? Music last! The approach to music for commercials

powered by Europe in Synch-Academy - Linecheck

with Markus Linde, Head of Europe in Synch-Academy, Valentina Amenta, Creative Director Publicispoke, UK and Francesco Menegat, Music Coordinator Operà Music
We all agree on the power of the right music in a commercial, we adore the campaigns which take their message to another level and speak to their viewers with an inspired choice of song. 

But if we all love it so much - why do we treat it so sloppy ? 

Amplifying and transforming the visual and the poetic potential of narrativity by introducing and harmonising the good minds from the individual bubbles of advertising and music: 

an honest and idealistic talk about the approach to music in advertising.


To avoid queues at the entrance we recommended you arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the talk.

Access to IF! Festival of Creativity is at entrance N° 1 of BASE Milano, Via Bergognone 34.

You must go to the 2-Day Pass desk with a ticket and valid ID.

10:20-10:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

IF! OPENING 2022 – Opening of the 9th edition of IF!

With Alessandra Lanza (IF! Organising Committee), Stefania Siani (ADCI president), Davide Arduini (UNA president), Simone Zucca (Director Agency and Strategic Partnerships of Google), Davide Boscacci (F! Organising Committee), Giuseppe Mastromatteo (President & Chief Creative Officer - Ogilvy Italia and ADCI Vice President)

10:45-11:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

The World Is Made Of What You Love: Contextualising the world of video ads today and new areas of creative opportunity

Powered by YouTube

IF!LECTURE - With Brian Williams, Creative Director @ Global Creative Works, Google

When did kindness become counter-cultural? In a time when every conversation seems ready to boil over and we are no longer programmed to find common ground, I believe kindness is the most surprising, least-utilized, best not-so-secret weapon we have.
11:30-12:15 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!TALK - Moderated by Paola Maugeri, writer, food activist and popularizer of a conscious lifestyle, with Elio Germano, actor, and Folco Terzani, writer and documentary filmmaker
“Feet are the roots of man. Shoes are like an insulator that interrupts the electric current between you and the earth". Paola Maugeri, with Folco Terzani and Elio Germano, reflect on how, in a highly compulsive society like the one we live in, working in subtraction can make us find our place in the world. Baba Cesare - the Italian ascetic protagonist of "Barefoot on earth", the book by Folco Terzani turned to audio book thanks to the interpretation of Elio Germano - after an ordinary existence approached the world of Indian sadhus, from unaware seeker, but intimately free.
12:15-12:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

Value in the Metaverse: Creating ethical experiences this time

powered by ACCENTURE 

IF!LECTURE - con Emma Cochrane, Global Lead Metaverse Studios, Accenture

The Metaverse holds transformative potential for brands but realizing it requires embracing a holistic approach. Join us as we unpack the myriad ways brands can capture value in a responsible and ethical way in the Metaverse – from monetization to engaging communities and beyond.
12:45-13:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


Powered by Daimon Agency

IF!INTERVIEW - Giuseppe Mastromatteo, President & Chief Creative Officer - Ogilvy Italia and ADCI Vice President, interviews Giuseppe Morici, Member of the Board at Feltrinelli Group, Senior Advisor & Author
What is the key to being firmly at the helm – and not in command – of a working group and a successful project? There is a need, today more than ever, for leaders who know how to leave their mark without taking over and allowing the growth of new talent. Letting people do their thing and directing processes requires skill and is worth twice as much when it creates new possible worlds. Giuseppe Morici talks about his thirty years as a leader in marketing, interviewed by Giuseppe Mastromatteo.
13:30-14:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

Slow Tour Padano, the gentle branded content

Powered by Publitalia

IF! TALK - Moderated by Marianna Ghirlanda, IF! Organising Committee 

With Patrizio Roversi, author and presenter, and Marco La Magna, Head of Branded Entertainment Publitalia’80, and Stefano Berni, General Manager of Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano.
Slow Tour Padano is a journey to discover places, people and products of the Po Valley, but above all a path of rediscovery of a respectful and kind way of producing, of consuming, of relating with people and with the territory.
14:00-14:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena



IF!TALK - Moderated by Massimo Cirri, journalist

with Federica Lupoli, Head of social communications and new platforms, and Giacomo Zito, CEO of Cast Edutainment and Gli Ascoltabili

Many had branded the podcasts as yet another bubble, and instead the number has grown by 400% in the last 2 years, giving us the measure of a phenomenon that does not go away. How did it happen? Did we foresee it? Are form and language less aggressive than live media? Why does a brand decide to invest in podcasting?
14:45-15:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

A drink with…

IF! TALK - Moderated by Jack Blanga, Creative Consultant - ADCI Board Member and IF! Organising Committee

With Toby Treyer Evans and Laurie Howell, Executive Creative Directors Droga5 New York, Ananya Srikanth Rao, Creative Strategist Dentsu Creative India/UK
America, Asia, Europe: three continents united in an unmissable space-time chat. It will be early morning in NY for Toby Trayer and Laurie Howell, a creative duo awarded with three Grand Prix, D&AD pencils and the title of Top 5 Global CD of the Year. It will be evening for Ananya Rao, awarded this year with the first ever Cannes Lions Titanium for India. Among mokaccini, fruit juices and cocktails, they will talk about their projects and how to create new ones that breathe the present and inspire the future. Cheers.
15:30-16:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


Powered by Urban Vision

IF!TALK - Dialogue between Alfredo Ricca, General Manager Urban Vision and  Gianluca De Marchi, CEO Urban Vision
The Revolution of Kindness must shake consciences so deeply that it also subverts unacceptable social situations. November 25th is the day for the elimination of violence against women. Urban Vision invites to reflect on how to denounce this phenomenon by telling how it approached the theme in 2021 and what assumptions for 2022.
16:00-16:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

IDEAS ARE RUNNING. A life in advertising. 25 years of characters, background and daily challenges.

IF! TALK - Moderated by Jack Blanga, Creative Consultant - ADCI Board Member and IF! Organising Committee

With Simona Maggini, WPP Italy Country Manager & VMLY&R CEO, and Elena Magni, freelance copywriter 
From the 90s to today advertising has gone through a geological era.

Everything has changed (almost): means, times, ways and contents; only one thing has remained the same, namely the extraordinary ability to generate ideas to tame, shape and even anticipate change. Simona Maggini, Italy Country Manager of WPP and CEO of VMLY&R, tells us with the help of Elena Magni, copywriter and friend of a lifetime. A story told with lucidity and kindness because passion wins over everything.
16:30-17:15 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!INTERVIEW - Giuseppe Mastromatteo, President & Chief Creative Officer - Ogilvy Italia and ADCI Vice President, interviews Omar Hassan, artist
Luck does not exist, only the moment when talent meets opportunity, as Seneca pointed out. Omar Hassan's artistic career began the moment he suddenly discovered his talent as a visual artist, then cultivated it over the years to the sound of colours, ideas, inventions .. and blows. Blows in order to paint, never to destroy. 

Omar Hassan talks about the origin of his creativity, together with Giuseppe Mastromatteo.
17:15-17:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

Streamer generation

Powered by TWITCH

IF! INTERVIEW - Nicoletta Besio, Sales Director Italy Twitch, interviews Kafkanya, Twitch Streamer
How a community is born and how it is maintained over time. Nicoletta Besio - Sales Director Twitch Italy - and Kafkanya - Twitch Streamer - dialogue on what it means to be streamer today, find the right tone of voice to build your identity and that of your community, imagine a gentle streaming too and especially when you collaborate with a brand.
17:45-18:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!TALK - Dialogue between Saverio Raimondo, stand-up comedian, Diletta Parlangeli, journalist, and Valentina Nappi, porn star.
Over time, the internet has fuelled the production of hard porn and its spread, becoming at the same time a place of unbridled freedom and an instrument of censorship. Unlimted diffusion has dulled and normalised content, rendering it anonymous, to be consumed quickly and effortlessly like second-rate junk-food. Is there still room for creativity in the world of porn? Are our sexual fantasies governable by mere algorithms?  Saverio Raimondo and Diletta Parlangeli talk with Valentina Nappi.
18:30-19:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

Galactic Guide for nice people (or people who want to be)

IF!TALK - Dialogue between Valeria Locati, psychotherapist and Aurora Ramazzotti, conductor and creator
Kindness, said Marcus Aurelius, is humanity’s greatest delight. But from the sixteenth century onwards the commandment  "love your neighbor as yourself" has been gradually undermined by individualism. The training to be done every day, therefore, lies in attitudes, words, everyday gestures. Valeria Locati - psychotherapist, #unapsicologaincitta - and Aurora Ramazzotti - conductor and creator - investigate the "posture" that living more gently would impose, trying to launch the invitation to rethink reality by focusing on people, opinions, uniqueness, and heroic acts of ordinary beauty.
19:00 - 21:00 IF!LIVE - YOUTUBE LOUNGE


Aperitivo with Vittorio Meloni, communication consultant, themed “Kindness: short story of an inborn virtue”.
A timo of exchange, sips and smiles for a drink among the UNA members attending the Festival.

19:00-19:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


Powered by Extralab - Brand New Energies

IF!TALK - Moderated by Massimo Temporelli, co-founder of The FabLab and popularizer

With Bianca, Arrighini, co-founder of Factanza
To communicate you must know how to listen. Factanza is doing so with regard to its generation, revolutionizing language and telling current events in a way that the media and politics are no longer able to do. But is there still time for a positive intergenerational relationship?
19:30-20:15 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!LECTURE - With Stephan Vogel, Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy EMEA
That's the title of Dr. Stephan Vogel's inspirational speech about creativity that comes from a new angle. New angles on society, on cultural tensions, on social media, on tech, on AI, on gaming. And any other Bullshit Bingo Buzzword you can imagine. It will be fun.

This IF!Lecture will be held in English.
20:15-23:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Hub


powered by Shutterstock
The juries have voted, the work has been selected. It’s time for the party to begin. Come and see which campaigns have been shortlisted and which will compete for the ADCI Awards. And while you’re at it, enjoy a drink with us.


To avoid queues at the entrance we recommended you arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the talk.
Access to IF! Festival of Creativity is at entrance N° 1 of BASE Milano, Via Bergognone 34.
You must go to the 2-Day Pass desk with a ticket and valid ID.
11:00-12:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Hub


IF!LECTURE - with Francesco Bozza, Author and VP/CCO Grey Italia
From the stage of the legendary Zelig in Viale Monza, to the stage of IF2022: Brunch Spot is a real "taste" of Bar Spot, the innovative theatrical format based on advertising, conceived and conducted by Francesco Bozza. 

An hour entirely dedicated to the best Italian advertising awarded by the Art Directors Club: a unique opportunity to review and applaud the best of the last 30 years of creativity Made in Italy, a journey to discover and rediscover the advertising campaigns that have not only entered the legendary Annuals of the Club, but also the imagination and heart of all and that have become the aesthetic and cultural reference of a whole generation of creatives.

Good design helps to live better. Since 50 years.

TALKING MORNING - with Antonio Marazza, General Manager Landor & Fitch Southern Europe

powered by Landor & Fitch
We celebrate Landor & Fitch, which has been accompanying Italian brands for 50 years on strategic transformation paths with a creative and collaborative approach based on listening to the customers, their business needs, and their challenges. It is a gentle way to do consultancy because there are always people in flesh and blood behind every client.

13:00-13:15 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IIF!CONTEST - Winners announced, with Federico Russo, Executive Creative Director VMLY&R Italy.
13:15-13:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

It takes guts to be kind

IF!TALK - Dialogue between Tia Taylor, Founder of Colory,

Marianna Kalonda Okassaka, Brand Manager Colory, and Carla Leveratto, Head of Creative Works, Google Italy and IF! Organising Committee.
There are new and evolving realities and identities, but how much are we willing to embrace them? Italy has changed and it’s time to tell it. Language and creative solutions have become the new alphabet of inclusion and YouTube is the large, safe and fluid space where everyone can find a voice. The most complex issues can be explained in an accessible way thanks to creativity, as the Colory team tells us.
13:45-14:15 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


Powered by Dentsu Creative

IF!TALK - Dialogue between Francesco Alivia, Sport Partnership & Sponsorship Director, dentsu Italy, Gigi Datome, Olimpia Milano Basket Professional player, and Sabino Palermo, Basketball League commentator for Eleven Sports
Sport is not beyond the importance of values, on the contrary. But can kindness also become a protagonist of sports marketing? Being champions on and off the field seems to have become a fundamental theme in the public sphere. We talk about it with Francesco Alivia, Dentsu Sport, Sabino Palermo, sports journalist and Gigi Datome, captain of the Italian basketball national team.
14:15-14:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

Vulnerability and Leadership – The value of fragility in the Netflix team and in that of Matteo Berrettini

Powered by Netflix

IF!TALK - Dialogue between Paolo Lorenzoni, Country Director of Marketing, Italy & Greece, and Stefano Massari, mental coach 
Two intrinsically different stories, but with a common trait. The awareness that being strong does not mean not being weak. Indeed. It is precisely the awareness and even the admission of their weaknesses that allow a company like Netflix and an athlete like Berrettini to have the success they have and to be who they are.

The story of Netflix, in the passages identified by Paolo Lorenzoni, and that of Berrettini, in the moments described by Stefano Massari (from the match with Monfils to the organizational change of the team), tell how important it is to proceed with sincerity both towards oneself and towards the world and reverse a paradigm, that of the strong leader and all will to assert, that these times is showing, ironically, its deep weakness.
14:45-15:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!INTERVIEW - Davide Boscacci, IF! Organising Committee, interviews LELE PANZERI, founder and former president ADCI and creative director, with Guido Ruberto, voice over artist. 
Lele Panzeri is the historical memory of the Italian advertising industry. An assemblage of experiences, recollections, hilarious anecdotes and curious episodes that make up a mosaic of one of the most celebrated and significant personalities among the advertisers of our country. Interviewed by Davide Boscacci, Panzeri describes the mentality, modus operandi, manias and nervous tics of the creative people who animated Italy in the 70s, 80s and 90s.  
15:30-16:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

The brand in the age of hatred

IF!LECTURE - with Gaetano Grizzanti, Brand Identity Advisor
In these times there is the counter-narrative paradox of communication: the Like of social networks is transformed into Hate, allowing each individual to manifest his own dark side. The brand today - as personifying entity of a company - exists and acts in an unstable and digitalized scenario, affecting the nature of the human being.
What is the role of brands in the relationship with communities? Does the brand have the power to instill optimism? Can the brand make people better? What is the responsibility of brands to make the world more sustainable? Prof. Grizzanti proposes stimuli on pressing issues to start a shared discussion on contemporary branding.
16:00-16:45 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!TALK - dialogue between With Guia Soncini, writer and journalist, and Davide Boscacci, IF! Organising Committee
Communicating today is a nightmare. From identity politics to virtue signaling, through cancel culture and victim blaming, what are the criteria by which we judge an advertising campaign? From the existential detail to the fetishism of fragility. Analysis, commentary and insight into a number of advertising campaigns that have left their mark, in one way or another. Guia Soncini in conversation with Davide Boscacci.
16:45-17:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!TALK - dialogue between Marco Cappato, political activist, and Edoardo Camurri
The "right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications" is a fundamental human right. This was established in 1966 by the UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. From microdosing to the creative trip, Edoardo Camurri and Marco Cappato reconstruct the role of psychedelia through a journey that goes beyond the simple prohibition-anti-prohibition dichotomy, to arrive at a deeper knowledge of ourselves and the world, trying to better understand how we and our surroundings relate to each other.
17:30-18:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


Powered by CPA
IF!SPECIAL - Presented by Stefano Quaglia, Partner & Executive Producer The Family
With Francesco Calabrese, director, Marco De Aguilar, director, e Aksinja Bellone director
Three directors in a final commercial challenge.
The audience chooses the winner!
18.30-19.15 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


IF!Lecture - With Umberto Galimberti, philosopher
19:15-20:00 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena

Be kind rewind

Powered by YouTube
IF!INTERVIEW - Giacomo Zanni, Creative Lead Google interviews Roberto Saviano, writer, journalist and screenwriter.
It’s time to rewind the tape to remind us what kindness means. Do something without having to think about profit? Give the opportunity to participate? And what does it mean to be kind to a brand? We also talk about this with Roberto Saviano and Giacomo Zanni
21:00-23:30 IF!LIVE - IF!Arena


curated by ADCI - Art Directors Club Italiano

Presented by Carlo Pastore