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IF!Digital Première
10:00-11:15, November 7

If you win…thank me later

powered by YouTube
with Giacomo Zanni, Creative Lead Google
LIMITED ACCESS: n°99 participants

How to win YouTube Works.

The workshop aims to explore the fundamentals of creating effective videos on YouTube, from video optimisation to platform orchestration.

The second part is devoted to discovering the various categories of YouTube Works, the award for the best campaigns on YouTube.

Giacomo Zanni

At the age of 20 he began to take his first steps in the world of television as a programme editor. He discovered a world, he discovered a trade. He attended the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti where, during his studies, he created a programme that would be broadcast on Rai5 (2 seasons), and a documentary for Sky Arte, “Attori o Corsari”. In 2013 after finishing school, with colleagues he created the YouTube channel Zootropio.
The channel’s first video “The 14 Stereotypes of Soccer”, exceeded one million views in its first week. From then on he devoted his time to YouTube Zootropio, which in just over three years produced over forty branded content videos and commercials for cinema and television. In 2015 he made his first short film “Silent Love”, which today boasts more than ten million views across the world.
Among his latest work he helped writer Roberto Saviano create his YouTube channel. Since 2018 he has been working at Google, today in the Creative Works team as a Creative Lead in support of brands and agencies.


IF!Digital Première
12:00-13:15, November 7

The brand in the age of hatred

with Gaetano Grizzanti, Brand Identity Advisor, and Jack Blanga, Creative Consultant - ADCI Board Member and IF! Organising Committee
TARGET: Professionals; Marketers; Strategist Consultants; Brand Managers; Communication Managers; Advertising creatives; Designers; entrepreneurs; college students.

LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

In these times there is the counter-narrative paradox of communication: the Like of social networks is transformed into Hate, allowing each individual to manifest his own dark side. The brand today - as personifying entity of a company - exists and acts in an unstable and digitalized scenario, affecting the nature of the human being.

What is the role of brands in the relationship with communities? Does the brand have the power to instill optimism? Can the brand make people better? What is the responsibility of brands to make the world more sustainable? Prof. Grizzanti proposes stimuli on pressing issues to start a shared discussion on contemporary branding.

Gaetano Grizzanti

Point of reference for the culture of branding in Italy, Grizzanti in 1986 founded Univisual in Milan, a brand consulting company specializing in the strategy and design of identity systems, working for Italian and international businesses, including: Aruba; Bank of Milan; Bauli; Bayer; Bottega Verde; Casa Modena; The Municipality City of Milan; GNV; Imetec; Perini Navi; Pampers; Salmoiraghi & Viganò; Telecom Italia; UniCredit bank. 

Grizzanti is an expert of the Court of Milan in the field of Trademark and has contributed to the affirmation of the modern Brand Identity, revolutionizing the technical-cultural paradigms and the approach to the discipline. His book, the first on Brand Identity, published by Fausto Lupetti Editore, is a best seller today in its sixth reprint: “Brand Identikit”. Grizzanti is a teacher / speaker on branding issues and, as a freelance journalist, has written articles in the management journal of Sole24Ore economic newspaper and in marketing magazines.


IF!Digital Première
14:00-15:15 , November 7

Can you do good even in a shooter video game?

Powered by WE ARE SOCIAL
With Paola Tonetti, Account Director We Are Social, Mattia Lacchini, Creative Director We Are Social, Giorgio POW3R Calandrelli, Content Creator & Pro Player
LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

Virtual worlds to do good in the real world: how creators and brands can raise awareness on important issues, spreading values and giving voice to emotions, even within a virtual gaming environment.

Paola Tonetti

After living in Nigeria for 18 years, she returned to Milan to specialise in communication and new media. She first began working in the film & television industries and then discovered a passion for social media,in particular the dreamlike world of Tumblr. Account Director in We Are Social, she has worked with leading brands such as Lavazza, Spotify, Discovery and Barilla. Within the agency she leads the Diversity & Inclusion team.

Mattia Lacchini

His experience ranges from creating content for international clients to working with artists, designers and music producers. He began his career at Publicis in Milan. He moved to Paris to work at TBWAParis. After four years in France, he returned to Italy where he developed creative platforms for international brands, with a strong focus on relations and data. In 2015 he joined We Are Social, where he and his team work with brands such as BMW, Samsung, Ikea, Juventus and Lavazza. In his career he has won numerous awards, including at Cannes Lions, New York Festival, Clio and Art Directors Club Italiano.


IF!Digital Première
10:00-11:15, November 8


powered by BB&C
With Marzio Saffi, CEO and partner BB&C Group, Cristina Colombo, Client Service Director & Partner BB&C Group and Gadi Schonheit, Vice President Doxapharma, BVA-Doxa Group.
LIMITED ACCESS: n°80 participants

Communicating well can make us live better and longer. Therefore, today, BB&C has developed a new and different approach to pharma communication, to inspire and benefit the medical-scientific world, companies, and especially the patients and their caregivers. 

Marzio Saffi, Cristina Colombo, and Gadi Schonheit will address - through a kind talk - the importance of awareness campaigns, collaboration between organizations, and research, up to the dedication to rare diseases.  Because being kind means being able to attend to the needs of the many as well as the few.

Marzio Saffi

CEO and partner BB&C Group. 30 years of experience in communication, marketing, and research. Manager of companies and digital communication agencies. Developed a strong knowledge of all multichannel communication processes.

Cristina Colombo

Client Service Director & Partner BB&C Group. More than 20 years of experience in defining communication strategies, ideating marketing and CRM initiatives, supporting clients in the definition of omnichannel strategies towards doctors and patients with a focus on innovation and new technologies.

Gadi Schonheit

Vice President Doxapharma, BVA-Doxa Group. Graduate in economics from Bocconi University. From late 1990s to 2009, President and CEO of Added Value, a market research and forecasting company of the WPP group. In the Doxa Group, he is responsible for the development of new research methodologies. In Doxapharma, he is in charge of research in Market Access, pharmacy, and the launch of new methodologies. He has been responsible for the mid-term, local and international pharmacy landscape for the most important pharmaceutical companies, for 36 years.


IF!Digital Première
12:00-13:15, November 8

​​Nudging, ovvero La Spinta Gentile nelle istituzioni

powered by Milano Digital Week
with Nicola Zanardi, CEO Hublab, Marco Giovannelli, Varese News Editor and Maria Croci, Councillor for Kindness, Comune di Malnate
The concept of Nudge - the 'gentle push', theorized by C. Sunstein and R. Thaler, the first of which guest of Milano Digital Week 2021 - can be a vehicle for institutional renewal and a tool for the transmission of knowledge, which remains the deep sense of Sustainability.



IF!Digital Première
14:00-15:15, November 8

Making Representation Authentic in Multi-Platform Storytelling

powered by Shutterstock
con Meeckel Beecher, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Head of Diversity at Shutterstock, Beth Haller, co-director of the Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment, Latha Sarathy, Chief Research Officer, ANA ,EVP, Analytics, Insights & Measurement, SeeHeEVP, Analytics, Insights & Measurement, SeeHer, e Leanne Clark-Shirley, Vice President, Programs and Thought Leadership
TARGET: All Virtual IF! Festival Participants

ACCESSO LIMITATO: n°100 partecipanti

Photos, videos, and other visual storytelling media reflect how people see their world and the world of others. When done well, visual storytelling can build empathy, forge bonds, and ignite curiosity about the lives of others. Creators and decision-makers from a diverse set of backgrounds are best positioned to highlight the cultural impact of their experiences and drive empathy through new and traditional avenues for content to reach audiences.

In this panel session, Meeckel Beecher, Shutterstock’s Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, will explore how content creators can incorporate the principles of inclusive thinking to depict subjects and communities in ways that foster representation and promote kindness. He’ll be joined by the Global Alliance on Disability in Media and Entertainment, SeeHer and the American Society on Aging.

Meeckel Beecher

Meeckel (ME-kel) Beecher (he, him, his) is a diversity, equity, and inclusion and social impact leader with more than 12 years of experience helping corporations achieve their purpose. He currently serves as the Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Shutterstock where he leads the creation and implementation of the company’s DEI strategy and initiatives. Before Shutterstock, Meeckel was a Director, Community Affairs and Diversity and Inclusion at Altice USA, where he led diversity and inclusion and community affairs programs. His DEI and community affairs experience is bolstered by his well-regarded expertise in  Communications and social impact across multiple organizations including AECOM, Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission and National Museum Jamaica. 

Beth Haller

Beth Haller, Ph.D., is Co-Director of the Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment ( She is Professor Emerita in the Department of Mass Communication at Towson University in Maryland. Haller is co-editor of the 2020 Routledge Companion to Disability and Media (with Gerard Goggin of University of Sydney & Katie Ellis of Curtin University, Australia). She is author of Representing Disability in an Ableist World: Essays on Mass Media (2010) and the author/editor of Byline of Hope: Collected Newspaper and Magazine Writing of Helen Keller (2015). She has been researching disability representation in mass media for 30+ years. She is adjunct faculty in the Disability Studies programs at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of Texas-Arlington.

Latha Sarathy

Latha Sarathy is a multifaceted researcher with over 25 years’ experience in media/market research. She is well-versed in digital, social, television and print measurement methodologies and also brings to the table a deep knowledge of multicultural audiences. She has architected several game-changing thought leadership studies that have been instrumental in influencing and directing business strategy across several media companies. Latha is currently the Chief Research Officer of the Association of National Advertisers. Her responsibilities span oversight of all analytics, insights and measurement for the organization, as well as several ANA leadership initiatives, such as SeeHer and the ANA business intelligence arm, ASK Research Service. 

Leanne Clark-Shirley

Leanne Clark-Shirley, PhD, is Vice President of Programs and Thought Leadership at ASA. She oversees ASA’s programs and publications, and works closely with partners to design new strategic offerings. Clark-Shirley is a social gerontologist with nearly 20 years of experience working in aging-related nonprofit, consulting and academic environments. Before joining ASA, she was AARP’s Senior Evaluation Advisor, responsible for strategic planning, building internal evaluation research capacity and applying impact measurement expertise at the departmental and enterprise levels. Prior to that, she led the Aging and Disability research practice at IMPAQ International, a think-tank and policy research firm. Clark-Shirley is a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, teaches courses on policy and aging and regularly mentors students interested in non-academic careers in aging. She received her doctorate in Gerontology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County


IF!Digital Première
18:00-18:45, November 8


IF!DIGITAL BOOK CORNER - Powered by The Trade Desk

with Roberto Bernocchi, strategist, university lecturer at NABA, IED and IULM, and Lorenzo Picchiotti, Chief Creative Officer & partner in DUDE
TARGET: Industry professionals, students of communication, advertising aficionados

LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

We live in an age of revolution, where changes both in our lives and in communication are measured week after week. Despite everything, on closer inspection, the "rules" of the past in advertising resonate unexpectedly in the present, and offer us a clear interpretation of the future.

We will discover the "vision of the world" of those who in the twentieth century (particularly in the United States) paved the way for demo advertising, creative freedom, target study, intelligent use of media and consumer research. And we will discover how much those same stories teach us even today. A conversation between industry professionals, covering case histories, brands and lables, some familiar some less so, described in "History of Advertising", published by UTET. A book that needed to be written, with a fascinating preface by Bruno Bertelli and Till Neuburg.

Roberto Bernocchi

Roberto Bernocchi, philosopher, adman, courtesan  of cinema, cultivator of dreams. He worked for ten years at Armando Testa and is now a communication consultant and lecturer at several Italian universities. He currently teaches communication at Milan’s Università Statale and at the universities of Trento and Padua as well as at IULM, NABA and IED. In 2022 he published "History of Advertising" (UTET), prefaced by Bruno Bertelli and Till Neuburg.


IF!Digital Première
10:00-11:15, November 9


powered by Google
with Giorgio Ferretti, Creative Business Partner Google
TARGET: Senior brand marketers, brand marketer, senior agency marketers, Strategists, Creatives, Advertisers interested in shifting consumers to act on sustainable patterns of behavior based on prompts and key creative messaging.

LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

SHIFT is a framework that helps brands bridge the gap between CSR and communication that stimulates action on the part of the public. Under increasing pressure from consumers, brands must not only seriously embrace sustainability issues but also stimulate and influence sustainable behaviour. Advertising can become a tool to drive sustainable action both individually and collectively. It has been proved that a robust use of SHIFT creative levers can have an impact on action. And the video format and YouTube platform features are powerful stimuli.

Giorgio Ferretti

Long time Googler, I am part of the Creative Works team in Milan in which I am a Creative Business Partner and point of contact on Sustainability. Skilled in design thinking, creative strategy and ideation process. I strongly believe Creative excellence is the single greatest force multiplier a CMO has in his/her marketing. I have a solid record of case histories and awards in which by improving creativity we see transformational gains in marketing.


IF!Digital Première
12:00-13:15, November 9


powered by WPP

With Elisa Anzini, Creative Director VMLY&R Italy, Francesco Bozza, VP Chief Creative Officer Grey Italy, Lorenzo Crespi, Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson Italy, Lavinia Francia, Executive Creative Director Ogilvy Italia, Federico Russo, Executive Creative Director VMLY&R Italy, Roberto D’Incau, Founder & CEO Lang&Partners Younique Human Solutions.
TARGET: creatives of all ages

LIMITED ACCESS: n°80 participants

In a fast-paced world that is constantly changing and where ideas run at the speed of light, we want to stop and tell young aspiring professionals from the world of communication, and those who are fascinated by this industry as we are, some curious anecdotes about our first campaigns and some creative projects.

The workshop, through a round table that wants to form but above all entertain, will be an opportunity to provide useful advice and "kind" ideas with which to face the continuous challenges that the market of communication and advertising poses to us every day.

Because even those who today play roles of a certain depth have often had to deal with projects that had no “wow effect”.

Federico Russo

He was born copywriter in 1999 and he grew up in the agencies CLM & Associates, Lowe Lintas Pirella Göttsche All Partners, BGS D'Arcy, Leo Burnett, Publicis, for clients such as Honda Motorcycles, Fiat, San Paolo Bank, P&G, Philip Morris, Poste Italiane, Renault. He started his career as Creative Director ten years ago for the client Peroni Nastro Azzurro that he followed in two different small agencies, and then in 2015 Federico entered the WPP orbit as Executive Creative Director. Currently, he is consistently defining the creative direction for Ford, probably the biggest client of WPP, as Executive Creative Director of VMLY&R Italy. Since 2020 he has been the Creative Director of specific international projects to guide Ford's communication in the future of electrification. Beside this, he works for the Rome and Milan offices on multiple clients to elevate their creativity, especially on social networks. In conjunction with the role above, as ECD for VMLY&R Commerce, he assists British American Tobacco with the creative direction within their campaigns for the combustible category by outlining their creative strategy in South Europe Area. His work has been awarded and shortlisted in the main international awards, from Cannes Lions to Clio Awards, from Webby to D&AD. He is also an ambassador of the equality diversity and inclusivity program that WPP is implementing in Italy.

Francesco Bozza

Francesco Bozza by day is VP and Chief Creative Officer of Grey Italia; in the evening - and at night - he is the author and presenter of the BAR SPOT original format, which aired in 2019 on Zelig TV and is now available on the Amazon Prime Video platform. He has been working in advertising since 1999, as Creative Director at Lowe, CEO and Executive Creative Director at BCube, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Italia and later at FCB Milan. During his career he has won numerous national and international awards, working with some of the most famous brands in the world, from Coca Cola to BMW, from McDonald's to Samsung. He is part of the Creative Board of WPP Italia and is the author, with Gino & Michele, of the book "Anche le formiche nel loro piccolo postano", published by Baldini & Castoldi. Every month since February 2022 he has been presenting Bar Spot Live Show on stage at the legendary Zelig theatre in Viale Monza, together with Davide Paniate, Federico Basso and Stefano Signoroni.

Roberto D’Incau

A vast background in Human Resources, as a partner of international headhunting and HR consulting companies: he has a significant experience at European level as a headhunter and coordinator of Executive Coaching programs; he is considered as an influencer on HR issues. He is a consultant for important Italian and international groups on HR issues. Personally and professionally committed to the issues of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. He has published various non fiction books, that capitalize on his professional experiences to translate them into people’s lives, with a holistic vision of work and personal well being. He is a contributor for Capital Italia.



IF!Digital Première
14:00-15:15, November 9

Learning by Teaching

powered by Miami AD School

Jose Guillermo Diaz (Co-founder/Director of M.AD School of Ideas Punta Cana); Frank Garcia (VP Creative Director of Golin); Giulia Magaldi (VP Creative Director of Golin).
TARGET: Open to students and professionals.

LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

Teaching’s all about placing the spotlight on the students. They are the stars of the show. Our goal is preparing them so they can shine, which fuels an emotional bond between the student and their mentors. “Caring” is at the core of every great success story that’s ever written at Miami Ad School. 

Giulia Magaldi

More than ten years ago, Giulia Magaldi made a career switch, leaving her profession as a journalist and community manager in Italy, to becoming an advertising creative. Today, she works as a Vice-President Creative Director at Golin, leading teams to create earned media driven creative work for a series of the company’s clients, including iconic brands such as McDonald’s and MTN DEW. Prior to Golin, Giulia spent three years at GUT, Miami, where she was a part of the company since its early stages, making headline-driven work for brands such as Popeyes, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Tim Hortons, among others. Before that, Giulia spent a couple of solid years as an Art Director at Droga5, New York, working with clients such as COACH, Under Armour, Clearasil, the Brady Campaign and, among others. When not doing ads Giulia dances swing. 

Giulia Magaldi

Frank Garcia

Back in 2010, Frank quit his career as a VP in the Banking Industry to work on something he’s crazy about – advertising. Today, he is a VP Creative Director at GOLIN, leading teams to create earned media driven work for clients such as McDonald’s and MTN DEW, among others. Prior, Frank spent three years at GUT, making headline-driven work, including launching the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Before, he spent a couple of solid years at Droga5, the world’s top agency at the time. His work has been featured by major media like CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, entertainment shows such as The Jimmy Fallon Show, Good Morning America, and SNL, as well as trade publications, such as Adweek, and AdAge, etc.  Frank’s work has been awarded by prestigious festivals such as Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, D&AD, The One Show, New York Festivals, ADDY's, FWA, The Webbys, Young Guns, and Wave Festival, among others. 

Frank Garcia

Jose Guillermo Diaz

Years of experience as a communication designer and marketing agency owner have made José-Guillermo Díaz a highly respected professional and educator. JG, as he likes to be called, exemplifies the perfect balance between utility and beauty. His passion for visual discovery, shared with his fascination with listening, has helped him develop remarkable visual solutions for his clients' communication needs; and has inspired the careers of many of his advertising students. Currently, JG is Co-founder/Director of M.AD School of Ideas Punta Cana.

Jose Guillermo Diaz


IF!Digital Première
18:00-18:45, November 9

POP, the gentle revolution of brands

IF!DIGITAL BOOK CORNER- Powered by The Trade Desk
with Samanta Giuliani, Executive Strategy Director Dentsu Creative, Stefano Pagani, SVP Dentsu Creative and Antonio Incorvaia, digital strategist and author
TARGET: companies and agencies

LIMITED ACCESS:  n°100 participants

We have entered the age of POP brands, where what really matters for a brand is what people are saying. The ability to embrace the world outside the ivory tower of the brand without making judgments, as well as the art of rediscovering the founding elements at the heart of its brand DNA, are the touchstones of this journey towards a new way of understanding strategy and communication. And what if kindness and the ability to listen really were the engine capable of taking brands in a new direction?

Samanta Giuliani

Specialist in communication and marketing, she has been working with ad agencies for more than 13 years, covering various roles in strategic coordination within major international companies and always at the intersection of strategy, media and content (Zodiak Active, H-ART AKQA, DLV BBDO, MRM McCann and The Big Now). Since 2021 she is currently Executive Strategy Director at Dentsu Creative / The Story Lab. She is a member of the Board of ADCI, the Italian Art Directors Club, for which she handles editorial strategy and projects of learning and popularisation.

Stefano Pagani

Passionate about the digital world since 1996, entrepreneur since 2000, dad since 2012. After 10 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience at the head of communication agencies (Ma-tìc, Tribal DDB), in 2008 he founded with three partners The Big Now, a creative agency defined by its media-neutral approach, working with dozens of international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, Nespresso, Moleskine and Baci Perugina. In 2018, when the agency he founded topped 120 employees and 12 million in turnover, he sold the shares of The Big Now to the Dentsu Group, one of world's major communication holding companies with 46,000 employees and offices in 143 markets. Since 2021 he has been a member of the Creative Board of Dentsu and is SVP of Dentsu Creative / The Story Lab.

Antonio Incorvaia

Antonio Incorvaia graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, and is specialised in content design for the Web and Publishing. He has been a consultant and lecturer at the Istituto Europeo di Design and the Istituto Marangoni, and he works with agencies and clients in Learning, Creative Strategy, Digital Marketing and Data Strategy. In addition to Generazione Mille Euro he is the author of Jobbing - Guide to the 100 Newest and Most Creative Professions (Sperling & Kupfer, 2009), School Rocks! La scuola spacca (San Paolo, 2011, with a rap preface by Frankie hi-nrg), the Italian edition of Tim Collins' Piccolo Libro di Twitter (Sperling & Kupfer, 2009) and "Employer Branding: Attracting and nurturing talent in business in a strategic and creative way" and "Online Risk Management", both published by Apogeo.


IF!Digital Première
10:00-11:15, 10 Novembre

The importance of feeling represented

powered by Netflix

With Luca Scremin, Social Marketing Manager, Netflix and Giuseppe Schiavone, Editorial Director, We Are Social
How vital is it to be represented? TV series and movies have shown the importance, for more and more people, of being able to see themselves in a character. This is how Parliamone was born, the Netflix roundtable in which voices and different points of view confront each other on the centrality of the representation.


IF!Digital Première
12:00-13:15, November 10


powered by Mindscapes
With Ravid Kuperberg, Partner & Trainer, Mindscapes
LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

Brands and agencies today use their creative assets to develop powerful ideas which aspire to make a difference while empowering people. This talk will discuss thinking tools geared to achieve just that: transforming a meaningful brand idea into a meaningful way for people to act + feel significant.

Ravid Kuperberg

Partner at Mindscapes. An experienced trainer of structured creative thinking in brand communications and a former advertising professional with a rich background of strategic and creative direction roles. Ravid is a recurring speaker at international marketing conferences and advertising festivals, including multiple appearances at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival.


IF!Digital Première
16:00-17:15 , November 10

Music first? Music last! The approach to music for commercials

powered by Europe in Synch-Academy - Linecheck
with Markus Linde, Head of Europe in Synch-Academy and Valentina Amenta, Creative Director Publicispoke, UK and Francesco Menegat, Music Coordinator Operà Music
TARGET: Invite & Inspire

LIMITED ACCESS: n°100 participants

We all agree on the power of the right music in a commercial, we adore the campaigns which take their message to another level and speak to their viewers with an inspired choice of song. 

But if we all love it so much - why do we treat it so sloppy ? 

Amplifying and transforming the visual and the poetic potential of narrativity by introducing and harmonising the good minds from the individual bubbles of advertising and music: an honest and idealistic talk about the approach to music in advertising.

Markus Linde

Markus Linde has been successfully running his thag’s agent imprint for some 18 years now, making him a veteran of independent German synch agencies. With a long professional history in the record business (marketing, A&R), publishing and artist management, he draws from experience and knowledge, as well as from a love of music. As thag’s agent, Markus has a track record for music placements in national and international advertising campaigns and as a music expert and specialist for research and clearances, he also contributes to films and TV productions. An idealistic professional with regards to all matters synch, he is founding member and Project Leader of the international Europe in Synch project - an initiative bringing together the audio-visual with music for a most creative synch-culture -, a speaker on international conferences and consulting contributor to workshops and seminars.