In a year when we have had to maintain distances, the time has come to break them down. Creativity by definition brings together seemingly incompatible elements, mutual opposites, and unexpectedly fuses them together in a way that is extraordinarily enduring. Communication by definition connects sender to recipient in a conversation that is just the start of an evolutionary process. Distance, on the other hand, is the principal barrier to progress. In this seventh edition of IF! we aim to shorten as many distances as possible: between creativity and business, between technology and emotion, between purpose and result, between junior and senior, between big data and applied arts. A liberation from confinement is first and foremost mental and cultural, in the search for the magic of ideas. Away with the facemask, especially when it covers the eyes, and we have the new abnormal, a place still to be explored.

#IF20 #UNDISTANCING #ItaliansFestival